Keep your travels on track this holiday season

Whether you’re planning an epic road
trip, partying the New year away, heading out on a hectic hike or just hanging out with friends and family at the pool, here are some quick hacks to keep you safe 
and healthy.

Party and social time

- As the weather heats up and the festivities begin, we tend to drink far more sugary sodas and alcohol. Be careful, as these are both diuretics – they make you pee more often & dehydrate your body. So, try to limit your alcohol & soda intake and drink loads of water to stay hydrated.

- With Christmas lunches at work, lots more family time and festive feasting, we tend to eat too much and choose too many treats. Stay healthier these hols with more wholesome choices: Choose popcorn or 
nuts over chips & dips. Choose fresh veg starters over deep fried foods. Opt for fruit salad instead of ice-cream (except on Christmas!). And if you really want seconds, wait 15mins before going back to that buffet table for more.

- Catch up on some much needed vitamin D and outdoor therapy. Instead of meeting friends for drinks in a darkened restaurant, take a brisk morning walk & grab a coffee together, arrange a hike or beach trek, or set up a Quiz night under the stars. Use the time off work to get out into nature and sunshine.


Road trip

- Before you head out, check your battery, tyres, air filter, coolant, engine oil, shocks, and windscreen wipers

- Make sure you have seat belts, car seats and booster seats for all passengers

- Make sure the driver is well-hydrated and you have light snacks on a long trip

- Make frequent stops to take a break
from driving

- Refresh with a face spritzer to stay alert

- Keep kids calm with games, puzzles & movies

- Never leave a child or pet alone in a car, even if the windows are lowered


Pool and beach

- Avoid peak heat hours(10am–3pm)

- Use sunblock SPF 30 or higher

- Always wear a sunhat with a wide brim

- Stay hydrated & drink water (avoid salty foods, sodas, and alcohol in the heat)

- Swim where lifeguards are on duty

- If you get caught in a sea current, stay calm and float on your back until the tide pulls you back to shore

- Treat bluebottle stings with sea water and then hot salt water

- Don’t dive into water where you can’t see
the bottom

- Make sure children are supervised around water at all times – set up & stick to a schedule where you take turns to keep an eye on the kids


And remember, Unu is just a WhatsApp chat away for all things first aid and safety.