Stop diseases before they stop you

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’. But what does it actually mean? It means that it’s far better to diagnose and stop diseases in their tracks than leave it too late.

Screening can save lives

Diseases like diabetes mellitus type 2 are totally preventable if you catch them early. How? By going for regular tests and screenings, and making some lifestyle changes.


Healthy habits help you stay ahead

Put some healthy habits in place when it comes to your healthcare - regular testing is a good place to start. And Unu can help with that.

Use the app to schedule a test on an Abby self-service station through your employer.

You can self-test on wellness days at work, with more than 20 different tests in just 3 minutes, all from one station.


You can test for things like:

  • Body fat

  • Temperature

  • Blood pressure

  • Pulse / Heart rate

  • BMI (Body Mass Index)

  • Daily caloric intake (how many calories you take in each day)

  • 10-Year cardiovascular risk score (for heart disease)

  • Smoker status

  • Diabetes status

  • Chronic medication status

  • HIV status

  • and many more

Your results are loaded onto the app, and you can track this with your health score to see how you're doing. Your health record and health score are private and protected, so only you can see or share them.

Don’t leave lifestyle changes too late

Now you know the state of your health, you can improve it. Cut down on red meat, sugar and soda drinks, and load up on veggies, beans and whole grains. Small changes can lead to huge improvements in your health.


If you spend your day sitting at a desk, do gentle stretches and stand up every hour. Exercise that raises your heart rate is good for you, but speak to your Unu doctor first, as you want a routine that works for your age and condition.


Take a look at adding supplements to your diet. Supplements can help boost your immunity (your body’s natural defence system) – Omega capsules, for instance, can help improve your brain and heart health. Your doctor can help with this.


Go for regular check-ups and make those lifestyle changes so you can live your best life today and keep chronic diseases away! Whether you need to exercise more, eat healthier or quit bad habits, Unu will help you get there.