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Stop searching your symptoms online & see a doctor

We all do it, don’t we? As soon as we feel sick – a sudden fever, a strange rash, a sore tummy – we search online before we do anything else. But this could do you more harm than good.


Online searches often get it wrong

Studies show that the medical advice you get through your online searches is usually wrong – and that could mean serious setbacks for your health.

The internet doesn't know you

The internet doesn’t know any of the personal details that are needed to find out what’s really wrong with you, like:

  • your age and gender

  • your medical history

  • whether there are any medical conditions that your grandparents or parents may have passed on to you

  • your health challenges right now

  • what meds you’re taking at the moment

  • whether there’s been an outbreak of an illness in your area

Without this info, you could end up with meds that might be dangerous to use with meds you’re already on, or that aren’t suitable for your age. That’s why we built the Unu app.

Unu puts a doctor in your pocket

Unu does away with those searches. We make it so easy for you to chat to a nurse or doctor, right from the app, at your desk or in bed. You’ll get a caring expert on call, not a computer spitting out symptoms. Unu doctors are trained to ask all the right questions, so you get the right tests, treatments, and meds.


Unu tracks your health over time

Unu keeps a full health record of all your treatments and meds. You’ll be able to see how you’re doing and share this whenever you visit a doctor.

With Unu, you can get yourself sorted without leaving your bed and, depending on your health plan, you won’t pay a cent! So, isn’t it time to stop those online searches?