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Meet Unu, the platform that connects people to the healthcare they need to live healthier, happier lives.

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Join us on our mission to change healthcare in Africa.

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With Unu ForBiz, you can give SA's workforce access to quality healthcare.

Why you'll 💙 Unu

Unu is a platform with all your day-to-day healthcare needs managed in one place.

Talk to a doctor from anywhere, with no data costs

Doctor chats mean no more clinic queues

Call a doc right from the app, at work or at home, so you won’t need to take a whole day off work to get care.

Monitor your health with an insightful health score

Track your progress & get trusted tips to get you healthier

We’ll build you a health score so you know how you’re doing, with personal tips to improve your health.

Share your medical records with your doctor right from the app

Own, see & share your medical records

All your daily medical details will be stored safely on the app, to see or share with your doctor or pharmacist.

Plug in and manage your health plan

No more hidden surprises. No hidden fees

Track your health plan usage in real time and get the most out of your medical insurance.

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ForMe: Individuals & 
their families

Unu connects you to the doctors, treatments and records you need to lead a happier, healthier life.

Employers & employees

Unu connects employees to the care they need and employers to the data they need for a thriving workplace.

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Unu connects SA's workforce to quality primary healthcare to help boost productivity levels.