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With absenteeism in SA at an all-time high, and costs to companies escalating as a result, Unu offers seamless, scalable access to primary healthcare in an effort to support business growth and prosperity.

Partner with us to offer your clients a valuable and accessible healthcare solution for their people.

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What does Unu do for business?

Unu is a curated platform of healthcare & health tech products, designed to deliver
real value - and improved ROI - to your clients. Unu also provides:

Digital tools & cutting-edge tech

Unu empowers employees with a smart app that unlocks their medical benefits & puts a nurse at the end of a WhatsApp chat

A national footprint of reputable providers

Unu offers employees access to a national network of over 12 000 reputable nurses, doctors, specialists & pharmacies

Effortless onboarding & activation

We do it for you, accommodating both in-person and remote onboarding, and most phone types, from smart to feature

A data-driven employer dashboard

Unu offers employers predictive data & a 360° view into employee health patterns, to drive informed HR & retention strategies

Health screenings & preventative care

Unu provides easily accessed health screenings, both in-person & in-app, to help prevent lifestyle diseases

What does Unu offer?

The Unu platform offers plug-in health plans from as little as R121 a month,
accessed through an easy-to-use app.

Non-underwritten products

Members don't need to disclose their
medical history and current conditions.

BeWell 101Virtual consults, 24/7 telecounselling, HIV care,
pathology tests, acute & OTC meds, and more

BeWell 102Virtual consults, 24/7 telecounselling, maternity care,
flu vaccination, radiology, and more

BeWell 103Virtual consults, dentistry, optometry, acute, chronic &
OTC meds, and more

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Underwritten products

Members need to disclose their medical
history and current conditions so that risk
levels can be assessed.

Golden HourPrimary care, telemedicine, emergency transport & in-
hospital benefits after an accident, and more

Primary StandardPrimary care, telemedicine, casualty benefits for
accidents & illnesses, and more

Primary Standard with HospitalPrimary care, telemedicine, casualty & in-hospital
benefits, and more

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Want to know more?

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What are people saying about us?

Here's what brokers, employees & employers are saying about Unu.

Christie Liron

ceo, Energy at work

"Energy at work is all about the people. What really made me choose Unu Health for our employees is the ability to partner with us."

Shayne Nicolas

Coo, Energy at work

"Having affordable primary health care for your employees where they are actually valued and looked after eliminates that down-time of the employee."

Andrew Marshall

CEO, Marquis Finance

"I think it’s affordable to the employer, so from a cost / benefit point of view it makes a huge amount of sense."

Faheema Sheik

Director, Energy at work

"Unu Health is cost effective number one, and it is user friendly to the employee."

Shona Selley

CEO, Marquis Finance

"We have seen an improvement in overall health and overall state of mind."


Energy at Work

"The Unu app has saved me time and money because I don’t have to get up extra early in the mornings, take public transport, and go stand in the long queues."


Marquis Finance

"With Unu App, there is no co-payments when you collect your medicine at the Pharmacy."

Bring your clients a healthcare offering that will reduce absenteeism, boost productivity & deliver value.

Be part of the drive to deliver quality healthcare to all, so that businesses can grow and people can thrive.

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