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Together we're better

We want to bring quality care, cost-effective health plans, and affordable payment options to South Africans who’ve never been able to afford private healthcare. Join us on our mission.

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We are looking for the best local, global and state partners to help us build Unu

Are you an innovative startup or service provider doing great work in any of these categories? Partner with us.

Health insurance


Data aggregation

Healthcare self-service solutions

Remote patient monitoring and management

Self-triage and navigation

Full-stack home care

Command centres

Dialysis and infusion therapy

Care management platforms

Medication and DME fulfillment

Lab diagnostics and screening

Help us to create

One powerful network

Together we can build the most accessible healthcare network in Africa.

A new benchmark

Together we can set a new benchmark in digital healthcare management.

One health management app

Together we can deliver a reliable, convenient and simple patient experience.

Data & insights

Together we can map the health trends and prolong the lives of our people.

The Unu Partner Charter

Partner with us

We’re obsessed with the customer and how we can empower them to own their own health.

We are a challenger

We're here to change things for the better, and we'll use the best in health tech to do this

We are human

We believe that all people deserve to be cared for in their time of need

We are optimistic and ambitious

We believe we can make a real difference to each person, community, and business we serve

We are inclusive

We serve our partners and our patients


Look who we've partnered with!

Our partners have been carefully selected and, together, we are working hard to find more ways to make managing your health easy, accessible and affordable.

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Why join our mission

Because when people thrive,
communities, businesses & economies thrive.

Mapping out Africa’s diagnostic profile
Shaping next generation disease management
Predicting and preparing for the next pandemic
Driving mental health awareness and care
Empowering more people to manage their own healthcare

We can’t do it without you.

What it takes to
partner with Unu

Our partner charter is our operating system. It sets out the core principles for how we operate, do business, who we work with, and how we work together. See if you fit in here.

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Ready to help more people own their health?

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