The Unu partner Charter

Partner with us

We’re here to change healthcare in Africa. We’re obsessed with the customer and how we can empower them to own their health.
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We aim to set the benchmark for digital healthcare across the continent by removing all barriers so that more people can access quality care more easily & efficiently - and own their health.

We believe that innovation in primary healthcare must be equally shared so
that the best experience can be enjoyed by the many.

And that’s why we created this charter – it’s our North star for
working with you, our partners.

Our beliefs and behaviours

We are a challenger

We’re here to change things for the better, and we’ll use the best in health tech to do this

For partners

This means we’ll ask you to work with the best of the best to continuously optimise the customer experience, ensuring our data is clinically valid & our tech is best in class.

For customers

This means customer feedback is central to
everything we do.

We are human

We believe that all people deserve to be cared for in their time of need

For partners

This means we’ll ask you to offer the most value in the marketplace, balancing cost with quality, through innovation, so that everyone can afford to get the kind of care they deserve.

For customers

This means everyone is welcome to join Unu, regardless of their financial situation or health status.

We are optimistic and ambitious

We believe we can make a real difference to each person, community, and business we serve

For partners

This means you are a leader in setting standards for patient-centred healthcare.

For customers

This means that the needs and pain points of our patients will inform and drive our ambition - which is to remove friction, through innovation.

We are inclusive

We serve our partners and our patients

For partners

This means we ask you to work collaboratively and transparently, with open source principles so that nothing is proprietary or closed – and we’ll expect you to be responsive to patient feedback while continuing to deliver clinical best practice.

For customers

This means we’ll make sure that patients are empowered with all relevant information to make decisions about their own health, and we will be guided by their feedback.


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