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Healthcare that
makes you smile 😀

One app to manage all your healthcare

The Unu app connects you to the doctors, treatments and personal records you need, anytime, anywhere, so you can lead a healthier, happier life. All paid for by your employer.
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We made Unu so you can

Skip the queues. Get the care.

Chat instantly to a nurse or doctor on WhatsApp, or visit a nearby practice.

Get a script.
 Collect near you.

Get a script sent to any pharmacy and collect when you’re ready.

See a doctor.
 No need for cash.

Get your medical care and medicines all included in your monthly fee.

See a trained counsellor.
 For advice and support.

Get 24/7 telephonic support from trained legal, debt and mental health professionals.

Do a free health check. In just 50 sec.

Take a face scan right from the app to see your heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Get emergency care. At a private hospital.

Choose a health plan that gives you emergency transport and casualty care in a private ward.

own your own health

With the Unu app you can

Get medical care, meds, and  medical records, anytime, anywhere

Health consult

Chat instantly to a nurse or doctor. On the app. No queues. Less time off work.

An image showing the health check-up on the Unu app.

Health score

Track your health with trusted tips. 
Know how you’re doing. 
 Get healthier.

An image showing the health score on the Unu app.

Health record

Carry and share your medical records. Know your history. Share it easily.

An image showcasing the health record on the Unu app.

Benefits tracker

Plug in your health plan or solution. Know and track your benefits. No surprises.

An image showing the benefit tracking on the Unu app.

Coming soon

Unu for everyone.

Individuals will soon be able to join and add family and friends to Unu, and you’ll be able to plug in a bigger variety of health plans & solutions.

Leave your details with us and you’ll be the first to know when this new feature arrives.

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The Unu partner charter

Our promise to all our patients

We’re obsessed with your wellbeing, and how we can empower you to own your own health

We are a challenger

We’re here to change things for the better, and we’ll use the best in health tech to do this

We are human

We believe that all people deserve to be cared for in their time of need

We are optimistic and ambitious

We believe we can make a real difference to each person, community, and business we serve

We are inclusive

We serve our partners and our patients

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Look who we've partnered with!

Our partners have been carefully selected and, together, we are working hard to find more ways to make managing your health easy, accessible and affordable.

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