Home hacks and remedies

Whether you’ve made yourself a hot brew of honey, lemon, and ginger, or you’ve covered yourself in coconut oil, or you’ve taken on a trending health challenge, you’ll know that home remedies can feel like a quick and easy fix.

But be careful – those quick fixes can come at a cost!

What’s hype and what’s helpful

When COVID-19 came to our shores, it brought an uptick in home remedies, but many of these did more harm than actual healing - like plugging your nostrils with garlic!

Home remedies can go haywire

Healing plants and herbs such as umhlonyane (African wormwood), eucalyptus and essential oils also made a comeback over COVID-19.

But in 2020, the Traditional Healers Organisation warned against using umhlonyane to treat COVID-19, as too much of it could lead to kidney damage. So, it’s not just what you’re taking, but how much of it.

Not everything that shines is silver

Another cure that can cause kidney and liver damage is colloidal silver. It contains tiny particles of pure silver and is advertised as a powerful antibacterial treatment, but there’s no medical proof to back this claim.

In fact, your body might battle to flush out the silver and this could lead to inflammation.

Play it safe and sure

While many hacks for minor conditions are quite harmless, some are a real risk – they could interact with meds you’re already on.

But the bigger problem is that many home remedies simply aren’t safe - with no studies or testing done, it’s hard to tell what the correct dose is or if they even work at all.

Use Unu to chat about those hacks

It’s always a good idea to chat to your doctor on the Unu app before you try out that old family recipe or trending health hack.

And instead of using home remedies as your first point of prevention, rather put some healthy practices in place – an easy, affordable alternative to DIY health hacks.

Lifestyle changes not ‘miracle cures’

Don’t ditch your garlic and ginger just yet. Make them a daily part of your diet, along with other superfoods such as beans, broccoli, eggs, oats, and nuts.

A healthy diet boosts your immune system, lowers your risk of chronic disease, and strengthens your bones.

Exercising has plenty of benefits like increased brain function, lower blood pressure, improved heart health, and reduced feelings of depression and anxiety.

Something as simple as daily walks around the neighbourhood or stretching at your desk can go a long way.

Last, but not least, get quality sleep to help lower your risk for serious conditions like diabetes and heart disease, and to strengthen your immune system. Switch off screens long before bedtime and read a book instead.

And make sure you don’t snack late at night – your body needs to rest, not digest!

Trusted help not trending hacks

Home remedies may be an easier and cheaper option, but they aren’t always the best or safest.

So, use Unu to check in with your doctor about those home cures. No need to fill your nostrils with garlic. Get professional, safe, and trusted advice with Unu.