How to chat to a nurse or doctor


Log in to the 
Unu app

Download & register on 
the app to get started

  • Enter your ID or passport number & 
your mobile number

  • Then enter the OTP that is sent to your mobile phone

  • On the home screen you’ll find the 
‘Chat for medical assistance’ button


Tap to chat 
to a nurse

  • Simply tap on the button 
to get started

  • You’ll see a pop-up where you an either chat to a nurse or get trauma & other counselling

  • Tap on the ‘Chat to a nurse’ button

  • Then tap on the ‘Chat on WhatsApp’ button

  • Your name & ID number should pop up on the app. Press the enter arrow to send this to the WhatsApp nurse


Start your chat

Follow all the text prompts

  • You’ll need to re-enter your ID or passport number to continue

  • This is to make sure it is you & to protect 
your info

  • You’ll receive a welcome text with your membership details on & an ‘Options’ menu

  • Tap on the ‘Options’ menu

  • You’ll see three options: 
‘Chat to a nurse’, ’ Get trauma, debt & legal’ or ‘See FAQs’

  • Choose ‘Chat to a nurse’ and hit the 
send arrow

  • You’ll be asked to accept the disclaimer: 
‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Choose ‘Yes’ to continue


Chat about 
your symptoms

Give as much detail as possible

  • You’ll be asked if you have any 
life-threatening issues

  • If you choose ‘Yes’ you’ll be directed out 
of WhatsApp to an emergency line

  • If you choose ‘No’, you’ll be connected 
to a nurse

  • You’ll receive a welcome text from her, 
along with her name

  • She’ll talk you through your symptoms 
with a set of questions. Give as much 
detail as possible


Get a script 
or a referral

The nurse will decide 
what to do next

  • Based on your symptoms, she’ll either send you a script for acute or OTC (Over-the-Counter) meds or she’ll refer you to a doctor for an online or in-person consult


Collect your meds or see a GP

Visit your nearest pharmacy or get an appointment

  • Show your digital membership card to the pharmacist to get your meds

  • Get a virtual or in-person appointment with a doctor

  • Our nurses & doctors are available 
from 8am - 6pm on weekdays and 8am to 2pm on weekends & public holidays