Unu Health - Collecting your meds


Go to any Clicks, Medirite, Dis-Chem or Alpha Pharm

Collect your meds at a pharmacy near you

  • Take your phone with you

  • Tell the pharmacist what health plan 
you’re on

  • Show the pharmacist your digital membership card on your phone –
your membership number is on the card


Show the pharmacist your script

Use the Unu app to share your script details

  • Show the pharmacist the script the nurse sent you on your WhatsApp chat

  • They’ll process the script & provide you with all your meds


If the meds aren’t in stock, chat to a nurse

To make sure there are no co-payments, go back into your WhatsApp chat

  • If the pharmacist doesn’t have your meds in stock, they may recommend different meds

  • Open the WhatsApp chat on your phone

  • Let the nurse know the names of the 
alternative meds

  • The nurse or doctor will prescribe different meds

  • Show the pharmacist the different meds prescribed on your phone

  • Collect your meds without paying a cent. No co-payments!