Unu turns 1


We’re celebrating our Day 1s who’ve been with us since the start – those early adopters who see the change ahead of others. Those leaders who know that good health lies at the heart of all human potential, productivity & prosperity. Those future-focused visionaries who recognise that when people thrive, communities, businesses & economies thrive.

Here’s to you!

And here’s to Unu too. Our ambition is to disrupt healthcare access across the continent, through health tech & digital tools that empower people to own their health. We aim to extend life expectancy on the continent by just 1 year, which equates to a 4% rise in GDP. So, here’s to our continued growth, and to the growth of economies across Africa. We’re determined to deliver impact, one country at a time.

Since launch Unu has:

  • Partnered with companies who want to give their employees affordable, accessible primary care – because they know that good health is at the start of good business.

  • Put telemedicine in the hands of employees – who’re skipping the commutes & queues and getting the care right from their phones.

  • Integrated Binah Ai face scan technology into our app interface – so that health screening & knowing their numbers become second nature to our users.

  • Added new health plans to our offering – so that employers have multiple funding models & tangible benefits to choose from.

  • Added new partners to our ecosystem platform – so that we can scale healthcare access across SA & across the continent, pooling our resources to provide greater impact.

  • Delivered online nurse or doctor consultations and in-person GP visits.

  • Issued prescriptions with no co-payments needed by members.

  • Helped managers and decision-makers plot informed HR strategies, ensure compliance & reduce risk – through a fully anonymized dashboard that delivers predictive data.

  • Is rolling out to Mozambique – because Africa is our home, and we drive her growth.


What’s next for Unu in Year 2?

As we head into our second year, we’re hoping that more & more employers will empower their staff with primary healthcare access. We’re mobilising for more change, but we need you to help us drive it. Help us…

To extend life expectancy in Africa.

To redefine healthcare access across the continent.

To deliver millions of rands in recovered ROI through the impact of giving more & more people access to quality primary healthcare.

As we look back and forward, we reaffirm the reasons for Unu’s existence – to alleviate the burden on state healthcare resources, to remove friction from healthcare access so that everyone, no matter their pay cheque, postal address or position in society, can access quality care.

And that’s why we’ll continue to bring together the best in healthcare & health tech for the benefit of all, in one convenient app. We’re a team obsessed with one thing: To disrupt the healthcare status quo so that no one is left behind.